Want to be a weather expert? Subscribe to Windy.app Meteorological Textbook

Want to be a weather expert? Subscribe to Windy.app Meteorological Textbook


The Windy.app Meteorological Textbook, or WMT, is a book that the Windy.app team, as weather experts, have been writing for the past two years — about one lesson per week. Why? Because even simple weather phenomena like northern lights or cirrus uncinus clouds turn out to be complex upon closer examination. And pretty interesting!

In the book, we explain these phenomena in simple language (so simple that no one else does so except Windy.app.) to help you be weather experts, too, so you can have a better outdoor experience whether it's fishing, kitesurfing, or boating — the weather is needed and important everywhere.

The Windy.app Meteorological Textbook (WMT) front cover showing the Coriolis force. Illustration: Valerya Milovanova, design: Ivan Kuznetsov / Windy.app

What's the best way to read the book?

1. Sign up for the newsletter to get all new lessons right to your inbox once a week. Sometimes we also send a selection of blog articles, important news, and things like that. That way you'll always be up to date on Windy.app's news.

2. Read past lessons on the book's page or section on the website. You can choose absolutely any lesson and take it on your own. Today about atmospheric fronts, tomorrow about air temperature.

The book is structured as simply as nature itself — by the four natural elements: air (atmosphere), water (World ocean), earth, and light.

The last, fifth section is dedicated to the connection between man, weather and nature. You will learn about weather forecasts, weather models, different ways of weather observation, and such things as wind bards or isotherms.

For example, these are the lessons that appeared in the textbook in March:

And here are the first three lessons we published in 2019:

After some lessons you can take a quiz to check your knowledge. For example, what do you know about magnetic field we just have mentioned above? Take this quize.

And of course, don't forget to download the app for iPhone or Android to put the new knowledge into practice while doing your favorite sport or outdoor activity.

In the app, there is already a special Weather Expert profile for you with a preset of advanced weather parameters, indexes, icons and charts:





In the app, we also often notify users about new features, weather parameters, different useful insights and more.

Share your opinion about the WMT book or the app with us by writing to [email protected].


Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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