Here's how we made better in 2022. Top twelve updates and improvements

Here's how we made better in 2022. Top twelve updates and improvements


All year long the team has been working hard to make the app even better for you: more useful, accurate, reliable, faster, and beautiful.

We’ve been improving it through individual small updates and a whole series of innovations in releases for both mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

In case you missed some of the updates and haven't tested them yet, here’s a list of the top 12 updates and improvements of the year in chronological order. Go to the News section to learn more about each of the features. There you will also find all the major updates of 2022.

We also want to thank you very much for helping with many of these improvements. Without you, it would have been even harder and not as interesting.

Remember that you can always write to [email protected] to comment on a feature or the app in general, send us feedback, share your experiences, and the like.

1. Precipitation in Weather History. Now it has four major weather parameters, 3 Jan

This extremely important weather parameter is now available for each day for the past ten years (2021–2012). It also means that you can now get all four major weather parameters in Weather History. In addition to precipitation, these are wind, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

2. New information about 10,000 marinas, ports and docks around the world, 22 Jan

We’ve added a lot of new information to the Spot Info section of the app for more than 10,000 marinas around the world. At the same time, we again double-checked the entire database for possible misprints, errors, missing parts, and so on. Now it is as accurate as possible with more than 52,000 outdoor spots in total.

3. Read the Outdoor Encyclopedia. And help us write it, 4 Apr

We are launching a new educational project — the Outdoor Encyclopedia (WOE). Its main goal is to help you navigate through a variety of activities, where you will find something to your liking. At the same time, it is a database with useful information that will help you become better at your sport and learn quickly the one you want to try.

4. Compare Mode plus Weather Stations are now available at one chart, 4 Apr

There is a brand new feature — Detailed Analysis of the Weather Models Forecast Accuracy Based on Weather Stations. The general idea is that you can understand in detail which model is better or worse matches the station data, i.e. which model is better for a particular station at certain time intervals and in general.

5. You can now see windsurfing spots with useful info on the Weather Map, 28 May

We have added windsurfing spots with information on the Weather Map. Now fans of this wind and water sport will be able to find the nearest spot to them quickly and conveniently in just a few clicks and get the most detailed information about them. Hundreds of spots already have it.

6. Introducing Spotfinder for kitesurfing on the site, 3 Jun

There is a new and incredibly useful feature on the site — Spotfinder. The name speaks for itself: with its help, you can finally find the right spot for a particular outdoor activity not only in the app but also on the site. For now, the feature works for kitesurfing. Next, we’ll be adding other sports and even more spots than the feature allow us to find today.

7. Now you can get the best weather model for the spot. Automatically, 4 Jul

The now shows you the best weather model for the spot each time when you open it. We determine it by comparing weather forecasts from the different models with actual winds recorded at the nearest weather stations. We also analyze publications on global weather model tests.

8. Compare Mode is now available in the WindHub app for sailing, 16 Jul

One of the main functions of the, Compare Mode, is now available in our second WindHub app for sailors and sea fishermen. It allows you to quickly and conveniently compare weather forecasts from different weather models on one graph. As with the, you can easily find the feature in the weather forecast table.

9. Biggest update of the summer: two new weather profiles — Foil and Dive, 31 Jul

Starting with the 11.1 for iOS two new weather profiles for foiling and diving are available, including hundreds of spots for the latter. A weather profile is a ready-made set of weather elements and data important for a particular sport. Previously, the app had 11 such profiles: Sail, Kite, Windsurf, and others. Now there are 13 of them in total.

10. We've added Services on the spots to the site: rentals, schools, lodging, and more, 30 Sep

The site is now featuring Services on the spots, which include rentals, schools, lodging, and much more. To find a service, just go to your favorite or closest spot to your current location via the search on the home page of the site, Spotfinder, or the database of countries and top spots. Scroll down the page and go to a specific service. It can be a company, an association, a club, or an individual.

11. Meet the new hyper-local ICON-D2 weather model for Central Europe, 11 Oct

An important addition to the list of weather models used in the — ICON-D2 for Central Europe. Thanks to its high resolution, it takes into account the terrain and also predicts severe weather better, which makes it excellent for adjusting your plans for today and tomorrow.


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov, an outdoor journalist, editor and writer from the Italian Alps and Finnish Karelia with 10+ years of professional experience. His favorite sports are hiking, cycling and sauna. Read his other articles

Cover photo: Jared Watney / Unsplash

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