Mini guide to kitesurfing with

Mini guide to kitesurfing with

Learn about 5 most important things about weather forecasting for kitesurfering with for iOS.

1. Choose the right kite size

If the kite's too small, there won't be enough traction, and a too large one is dangerous. How to choose the right one? It depends on the wind speed and your weight.

Enter your weight. Go to Settings, then Units:


Choose the Kite Weather Profile in the forecast. Now you see the size recommendations on every spot — depending on the wind speed:

2. Not to miss out on rides

Going to a spot, but not sure about the wind? Wind speed and direction forecast is available for any spot. Choose a model you like — we recommend the ECMWF, or the WRF8 if in Europe. The closer the date — the more accurate the forecast. Find out more about weather forecast models.

3. Find out when there will be wind

Open a spot and look at windybar. It shows the best days for riding. You can also set up wind alerts for your favorite spots.

4. Choose the best month

Open a spot and then — the Weather Archive. Here you'll find forecast data since 2012.


Compare wind data for different months:


To see a larger map and an average wind speed for each month in the past years, go to Wind and Precipitation Map:


Choose Wind Arсhive Map feature:


5. Find company for a ride

Alone on a spot? Write in the spot chat. Locals will give you advice, plus you can find company and like-minded people.


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Photos: Timur Garifov

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