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We've doubled the wave weather forecast to 10 days


The waves forecast depth in is for 10 days instead 5 days from now on! Plan your outdoor activities for a longer time with this new extremely useful feature.

With Waves feature you can have: swell size, direction, height and period, as well as tidal chart.

The forecast has a great grid resolution of 1/12 degree (roughly 8 km). The forecast's depth is 10 days now. The waves forecast in updates daily around 15:00 UTC.

The waves forecast source is a top quality model, part of the Météo-France global wave system. The numerical model is driven by the ECMWF.

How to get 10 days waves forecast in

1. Find and open a spot.

2. Choose some water sports weather profile: kite, windsurf, surt or sail.

3. Choose ECMWF weather forecast model (in Pro version).

4. Get waves data for 10 days in weather forecast bar right under the model.

You can also add the swell forecast to your personalized forecast table. To do it, press "Customize forecast" button on the spot screen.

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