We've updated Weather Map on the website: new spot search, HD mode, guide


We've updated Wind map — the main feature of the Windy.app. In many ways, the app looks the way it does, thanks to it. However, the map is not just a map showing wind direction and speed. It has many other useful features, including the one that is available not only in the app, but also on this website.

In the update:

  • A new spot search. Now you can look for a spot by the circles with numbers, which shows how many spots are near a particular spot on the map. It is now more easy to find a spot. By the icon of the spot, you can determine its theme: the marina — the anchor, fish — fish spot, and so on.
  • HD mode. After step 8 of the zoom in (clicks on the button), you can activate the high-resolution map mode (HD) — and get even more details. The button will light up in white. This means that the mode is working.
  • Complete guide to the map. Learn how to use it to get more out of the map.

More updates on the way!

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