Now you can check weather history for 2020 from the best global forecast model


There is a Weather Archive feature in the It is a smart and trustworthy tool to get the complete weather picture of the past as close to reality as possible. Now you can check whether history for the past 9 years, including 2020, from the best global weather forecast model.

Thanks to this feature, our users get historical weather data since 2012. And, since it is 2021 now, we have added the year 2020 to the archive!

But this is only half of the update! Before 2021, the archive used to be old GFS27 global weather model forecasts. From this year, we give you a completely different weather history — reanalysis of the ECMWF — #1 global weather forecast model.

The major difference with the previous forecast is that ECMWF works "backward" in time and processes all available weather observations made in past. The result is comprehensive retrospective weather data for any point on Earth for every 3 hours. 

You can find wind, gusts, temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure data for any place and time for  2012—2020.

Where to find weather history in the app?

Go to the necessary location in, scroll down the forecast table and tap Archive button below the table:


Learn more about the feature in an article in the blog.


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