Bjork and Microsoft create music that changes with the weather

Bjork and Microsoft create music that changes with the weather


Music was always a way of expressing people’s inner feelings, now it can also “describe” weather. Bjork has teamed up with Microsoft to offer this new music “ability” to guests of the Sister City hotel in New York City.

Microsoft will use its AI to change Bjork’s choral music playing in the lobby of the hotel. Changes will be made based on the current weather conditions — if it is sunny outside, the music will sound one way, if there are clouds, the music will sound differently, if it is going to rain, the music will have some additional changes, and so on.

However, it will not be as simple as that — for example, different cloud types will affect the music differently and long-term weather patterns will also be gradually altering the music. AI will be using cameras on the roof to monitor the weather in real-time, so, music will be ever-evolving.

The project will help people see one piece of music from countless new perspectives and feel the constantly-changing weather even inside the building.

It is not the first project of this kind. Last April, the Sister City hotel and Microsoft experimented with Julianna Barwick’s music.

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Cover photo: Unsplash

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