Addition of 7000 weather stations, 30.000 in total, almost all in the world


We are pleased to announce that we have just added almost 7000 more weather stations to the app in addition to the 23.300 meteostations we already have. So there are now more than 30.000 working stations in the application.

In other words, we now have almost every working (not disabled) station in the world, because there are around 40.000 official weather stations in total.

The data source we use is the Iowa State University Environmental Mesonet (IEM). This is the leading world provider of weather station data. It "collects environmental data from cooperating members with observing networks".

I'm new to What is a weather station?

Weather stations are the closest source of information about the weather in real-time to you.

These are special facilities for weather observation and collecting different weather data together with satellites, weather buoys, meteorological probes, and radars. But the weather stations are the most, so it is the main facility among others. They register data at a specific point on the map and send it to the big data processing centers.

When forecasting the weather, they should be used together with different weather models.

Learn more about what is a weather stations.

How to find weather stations in

You can find stations in the in several places: on the spot's page on this website, on the Home screen and the Spot screen of the app, as well as on a Wind and Precipitation map:

Learn more about how to find stations and read stations screen information.

Can I add my own weather station?

Yes! To do so, write to [email protected]. You can also edit any station data if you think it is incorrect. Do the same — write to our team.

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