How to choose windsurf board. Very short instructions

How to choose windsurf board. Very short instructions


There are different formulas for choosing windsurf boards depending on rider’s weight. For example, there is a formula developed by The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) of the UK:

Weight of rig, board and clothing (about 30 kg) + your body weight (in kg) x 2 = volume of the board (in liters)

On the one hand, such formulas are universal, but on the other hand, they are somewhat useless, because you need to select a board taking into account not only weight, but also the type of riding and convenience. Therefore, we recommend using calculation formulas only for a general idea.

At any rental point of the windsurfing equipment, they will help you choose a board for your parameters and type of riding. And by the time you decide to buy your own board, you will definitely not need any formulas — you will know for sure.

In turn, you can find such rentals in the Services section of each windsurfing spot in the, as well as by asking about it in the chats at the spots, which are part of the app's Community.

Learn more about how to read the surf / swell forecast in a special presentation with examples and tips from professional surfers with many years of experience of riding the biggest and best waves on the planet.


Text: Natalia Kirasheva, a travel author and editor. She has a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) with specialties in Economic Geography and Tourism, and Environmental Management. Her favorite sports are windsurfing and snowboarding

Cover photo: Raimond Klavins / Unsplash

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