Kickstarter helped open first  entirely human-powered resort

Kickstarter helped open first entirely human-powered resort


The first human-powered ski resort in North America will open on February 15 in Colorado. The resort will be called Bluebird Backcountry, it will be located near Kremmling and will have an interesting feature — its guests will be able to do everything by themselves, without any assistance of mechanized tech (for example, chair lifts).

The idea behind the project is simple — the place has to “combine the experience of true backcountry skiing with the safety of a traditional ski-patrolled avalanche-controlled ski area”.

The resort will have 300 acres open to unguided skiing, 1,200 acres open to earn guided turns and will be working for just a few week this year (from February 15 to March 15).

Opening of the resort has become possible due to crowdfunders. Bluebird Backcountry was placed on Kickstarter in January. Skiers have already donated $65,879 (there are just 3 days left to donate). People that donated $50 or more will be able to get a free one day pass to the resort.


Text: team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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