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Tips for staying positive during the pandemic from Matt Meola

Tips for staying positive during the pandemic from Matt Meola


Matt Meola is a surfer from Haiku Maui, Hawaii, who got Surfer Award for the best trick in 2019. 

Here are his tips for staying positive while isolated:

It’s a crazy time but just like the wind, it will eventually blow on by.

If you're alone, take this time to be creative. If you're with close family or loved ones, take advantage of that time and do fun things together that you normally wouldn’t have the time to do.

Think of ways you can help. My mom always said, if you are feeling down, the best way to feel better is to help others.

When I’m not surfing I commercially fish. We are starting a fish delivery service. We will also be donating fish to the kula hospital workers.

Small things can make a difference. Everybody needs to remember that we are all in this together. In a weird way, there is comfort in that.

When this is over maybe the world as a whole will be a little more united and compassionate towards each other.

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