A selection of kitesurfing spots by Danish surfer Mikkel Hansen

A selection of kitesurfing spots by Danish surfer Mikkel Hansen


Mikkel Hansen is a Danish kitesurfer with passion to try new tricks and challenges every day. We asked him about his favorite spots.

Important: Given the still difficult travel situation in the world in 2022, check separately the possibility of going to a particular country, its regions, and local outdoor spots for you before the trip on the official tourist and other sites.

1. Landerslev — Denmark (my homespot)

Huge flatwater spot with shallow water all over with a good bottom without rocks or mussels. Wind is super stable and the spot is never crowded.

Check our forecast for the spot.



2. Amager Beach Park — Copenhagen — Denmark

Huge laguna also known as Nick Jackobsens Homespot. Loads of flat water. Only works in several wind directions. But when it does it’s SUPER! Perfect freestyle spot.

Find the forecast for the spot here.



3. Faro — Portugal

Awesome big laguna. Works in offshore wind too. People are super friendly, there’s a local kiteschool. Locals are always ready to help out and talk about the spot.

Our forecast for Faro provided.



4. Hvide sande — Denmark

Perfect place for water sports. Paddle, SUP, wakeboarding and kiteboarding is on the program almost everyday. For kiteboarder it's possible to ride waves or go to a spot not far from Hvide sande called Kloster. Kloster is a big place, kind of a laguna with loads of flatwater opportunities.

Don't forget to check the forecast before you go.

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Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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