Where to kitesurf in January

Where to kitesurf in January

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If you have not decided where to kite in January yet, we are going to help you! Here is our brief review of the best kitesurfing spots that would have perfect weather conditions that winter month.


Muizenberg, South Africa

This spot which name means “mice mountain” is actually a suburb of Cape Town (another wonderful place for kiting) and January is usually the warmest month there. The location has a long, almost 20-km long beach popular among kiters, surfers, bathers and... biologists — the waters near the beach are the home for many white sharks (which, who knows, may make your kitesurfing experience more “spicy”).

Kitesurf season: November — March
Air temperature: from 16°C to 27°C
Working wind direction: SE, SSE, S, SSW, SW, NW
Water conditions: Small wave
Water depth: 0,5-2m
Accommodation: from $15
Wind forecast


Pak Nam Pran Buri Beach, Thailand,

Thailand is a wonderful place for kitesurfing. We recommend you to visit this spot — Pak Nam Pran Buri Beach. Winters have two different periods here: from November 15 to January 15 and from February 15 to May 15. The first period is when north wind is blowing along the beach from left to right. Water is rather cold, so you may need a jet ski. The second period, probably, the better one, is when south wind is blowing along the beach from right to left (14-24 kts). Such wind is great for beginners and those who do not like waves. The second period can also boast warmer water. As you might notice, there is a gap between the two seasons. That is a period with unstable wind. That means that you can kite there this month as well, but conditions are less comfortable and predictable.

Kitesurf season: November-January, February-May
Air temperature: from 22°C to 32°C
Working wind direction: NE, ENE, E, SE, SSE, S
Water conditions: Flat, Chop, Small wave
Water depth: 0,5-1.5m
Accommodation: from $3
Wind forecast

Aruba, Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi is a Caribbean paradise with clear water and warm sand. However, some magazines recommend only high-skilled and surfers to kitesurf there — the current is very strong, so good swimming skills are required (wind is reliable, though, and you can kite almost every day there).

Kitesurf season: January - December
Air temperature: from 11°C to 24°C
Working wind direction: NE, ENE, E
Water conditions: small wave
Water depth: 1-2m
Accommodation: from $30
Wind forecast

Gokarna Main Beach, GOA

Goa is a popular tourist destination. Most of the tourists there are not kitesurfers or people interested in water activities, however, Gokarna Main Beach (near Gokarna) can be a nice place to kitesurf in January. Weather is usually hot there this month, so water is warm and comfortable. Wind is also stable in January. Gokarna is a place with multiple ancient temples, so, you will be able to visit them in your free time.

Kitesurf season:January-December
Air temperature: from 20°C to 34°C
Working wind direction: W, NW
Water conditions: small wave
Water depth: 0,5-1m
Accommodation: from $6
Wind forecast


Islamorada, United States

Welcome to Islamorada. This spot in the United States is located in Florida on five islands — Tea Table Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Windley Key and Plantation Key. The name Islamorada means “purple island”. The most famous beach here is Anna’s beach — it gathers kiters (pros and beginners) from around the world every year.

Kitesurf season: October-March
Air temperature: from 19°C to 24°C
Working wind direction: NE, ENE, E, ESE, SE, SSE, S
Water conditions: flat, waves
Water depth: 1-2m
Accommodation: from $129
Wind forecast

La Ventana, Mexico

This Mexican spot is located on the shore of the La ventana (means “The window”) bay and is actually a small and welcoming village surrounded by cactus forests, desert landscapes, bright beaches, deep blue and turquoise clear water and mountain chains that help to form great wind conditions.

Kitesurf season: January - October, December
Air temperature: from 19°C to 24°C
Working wind direction: N, NW, NNW
Water conditions: chop
Water depth: 0.5-1.5m
Accommodation: from $29
Wind forecast

Los roques, Venezuela

Amazing archipelago consisting of 350 islands, cays, and islets and located in warm and dry climate is a perfect place for kitesurfing. So perfect that small population of inhabitants (about 1,500 people) enlarges dozens of time during the season. The most attractive spots are its lagoons, atolls, sea turtle research center, coral reefs.

Kitesurf season: January - April
Air temperature: from 21°C to 29°C
Working wind direction: NNE, NE, SE
Water condition: flat
Water depth: 0.5-1.5m
Accommodation: from $110
Wind forecast


Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kitesurfers can be met on any of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, but the most popular spot is Barra da Tijuca, the longest (18 km long) beach of the agglomeration. The beach is especially crowded on weekends and holidays, so if you want to have many “associates” around and meet many new friends, that is a good choice.

Kitesurf season: August-February
Air temperature: from 24°C to 32°C
Working wind direction: E, ESE, SE
Water conditions: wave
Water depth: Ocean
Accommodation: from $15
Wind forecast

St Kilda, Australia

Let’s start with Australia. The great spot for kitesurfing there is St Kilda. It is a suburb of Melbourne (only 6 km from the city center). Kitesurfers and other water sports enthusiasts became a part of its landscape years ago.

Kitesurf season: January - December
Air temperature: from 16°C to 26°C
Working wind direction: S, SSW, SW
Water condition: chop
Water depth: 0.5-1.5m
Accommodation: from $10
Wind forecast


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