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Nearby spots

Ayvalik, Turkey • 35km
7 m/s, North +12 °C, Light rain
Bozcaada, Turkey • 48km
7 m/s, Northeast +12 °C, Rain
Babakale Port, Turkey (Babakale Limani) • 23km
7 m/s, Northeast +12 °C, Rain
Kucukkuyu, Ayvacik, Turkey (Küçükkuyu, Ayvacık) • 23km
6 m/s, North +11 °C, Rain
Sivrice • 9km
7 m/s, North +10 °C, Rain
Ayvalık boğaz • 32km
6 m/s, North +12 °C, Light rain
Ayvalık • 31km
7 m/s, North +12 °C, Rain

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