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屋久島: weather statistics and wind history

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Popular spot activity — Surfing

Best season


Best season

Type of break

Reef break

Type of break

Best tide

Low, Middle

Best tide


1-2m; 1-3m

Wave height

Nearby spots

Cape Sata, Japan (佐多岬) • 41km
9 m/s, West +17 °C, Light rain
黒島 • 33km
9 m/s, West +16 °C, Light rain
屋久島沖 • 43km
6 m/s, West +17 °C, Light rain
屋久島空港 • 58km
6 m/s, West +18 °C, Partly cloudy
枕崎市沖 • 28km
8 m/s, West +16 °C, Light rain
永田灯台 • 45km
6 m/s, West +17 °C, Light rain

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