Ossiacher See: 날씨 통계 및 바람 역사

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가까운 스팟

Klagenfurt, Austria • 30km
1 m/s, North +20 °C, Clear sky
Worthersee, Austria (Wörthersee) • 19km
1 m/s, North +20 °C, Clear sky
Bled • 35km
1 m/s, Northeast +20 °C, Clear sky
Bohinjsko jezero • 42km
2 m/s, Northeast +21 °C, Clear sky
Gerlitzen • 5km
0 m/s, Northeast +19 °C, Clear sky
Kranjska Gora • 22km
1 m/s, Northeast +18 °C, Clear sky

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Skischule Gerlitzen Villach
Skischule Gerlitzen Villach

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