Get updates on active tropical cyclones in the new web section "Hurricanes"


The hurricane and typhoon season 2020 has really started. Get updates on active tropical cyclones in your region in the new web section "Hurricanes".

  • Tropical cyclones such as hurricanes and typhoons happen in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans every year.
  • There are around 86 tropical cyclones form annually, half of them become hurricanes or typhoons, and around 20 — super typhoons, or major hurricanes — the most destructive cyclones.
  • Hurricanes happen from early June to the end of November with activity peaks in late August and throughout September in North Atlantic Ocean. Most typhoons occur at the same time of the year in Western and Norther Pacific Ocean. That's why there are two name of cyclones.

From now you can follow it in a new section of the website: get latest news and updates, watch live map and tracker, learn quick facts and information of the particular hurricane or typhoon.

Take care.

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