New Waves in, Literally has switched to a new numerical model MFWAM for the global ocean sea surface waves (we use primary swell only). This is what important to know about the update:

MFWAM is a third generation wave model the global wave system of Météo-France is based on.

The forecast has a much better grid resolution of 1/12 degree (roughly 8 km) compared to previous one used int he app.

The forecast's depth is 5 days.

The operational model is driven by 6-hourly analysis and 3-hourly forecasted winds from the IFS-ECMWF atmospheric system.

Waves forecast in our app updates daily around 15:00 UTC.

You can add swell forecast to your personalized forecast table. To do it, press "Customize Forecast" button on the spot screen.

Please, email us at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.

Photo: Timur Garifov

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