Now you can see and choose tides from the LAT and MLLW datums


We have another great update in the app. Now you can see and choose tides from the two common tidal datums: LAT and MLLW.

You need tides if you do many wind and water sports, and outdoor activities: boating, surfing, fishing...

What Are the Datums

  • LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide) is the lowest theoretical water level.
  • MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water) is the average value of the lowest low water level.

The first datum is used in Europe, the second in the US.

How to Check Tides in the App?

1. Click the main menu.

2. Go to "Settings", then go to "Units". 

3. Scroll the screen until "Tidal datum"

4. Choose the one you need.

5. Check tides.

Important: the feature is available from version 8.7 for iOS and 8.2.0 for Android. Update your app to see new tides.

Learn to read a tide table so you don't run aground

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