Kiryat Yam, Israel (קריית ים): 天气预报及实时风图


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Today’s weather report for Kiryat Yam, Israel (קריית ים):

The temperature low is +24°C and the high is +29°C. Wind direction is North, wind speed varies between 1 and 5 m/s with gusts up to 5 m/s. The sky is clear with a chance of rain 0%.

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Closest meteostation (4.38km):




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风况和波浪天气预报是为 Kiryat Yam, Israel (קריית ים), Israel 包含当地风速、风向和阵风的详细信息。波浪预报包括浪高和周期。Windy.app亦提供一般天气预报:温度、气压、云量、降水和潮汐。

这些预报是为 Kiryat Yam, Israel (קריית ים) 基于GFS模型,为帆板,风筝冲浪,帆船和其他极限运动而设。所有数据一天更新4次。预测分步骤进行,持续1到3小时,最多预测10天。


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