Merri Mar Yacht Basin: 天气统计及风历史



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风况数据和天气数据是为 Merri Mar Yacht Basin, United States 包含当地平均风速和平均气温。地图上的特殊图表显示了主要风向,并包括了每年的平均数据。

这些数据统计是为 Merri Mar Yacht Basin 其基于历史数据观察,为帆板,风筝冲浪,帆船和其他极限运动而设。所有统计数据每年更新,可以帮助人们找到任何风力运动和水上运动的最佳地点。


Marblehead, United States • 37km
5 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Hampton Beach, United States • 14km
4 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Gloucester Harbor, United States • 32km
6 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
3 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Isle of Shoals • 29km
5 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Newburyport, United States • 4km
4 m/s, Southwest +22 °C, Partly cloudy
Salem Harbour Marina, United States • 33km
5 m/s, Southwest +23 °C, Partly cloudy