Photos we liked the most in the Community in March 2022

Photos we liked the most in the Community in March 2022


There are a lot of great photos in the Community section of the application.

You can find almost every active sport and outdoor activity there: surfing, sailing, paragliding, fishing, cycling, hiking, and many others, or those you didn't even know existed. Users post photos from the US to Japan and from Australia to Russia. In different weather and seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Every month we choose the photographs we liked the most to inspire you to be just as creative. Enjoy the selection of March 2022 and read about how to get to this monthly post with your photos and get free lifetime Pro version at the end of the page!

If you like some spots on the photos and want to repeat the adventures of other users, check the weather forecast for each spot by the link under the photo. Community. Be active member — be Pro


chickylowlegs — Lake Washington, Medina, United States


User 404829 — pulau babuar


燮 龐 — 驿马山起飞场


Alena Semchuk — Gudauri, Georgia (გუდაური)


кайт-школа — Ейск, Yeiskwind-Каменка


dj OFFLee — Doha Sailing Club


User 405105 — satui


Γιώργος Κισσανάκης — Falasarna Beach - Paragliding Crete Power Fly


Maryan Budich — Алания


Fabio H. Ekizian — Maresias


Сергей Медведев — Рыбалка в Волгоградской области


@peche.marseille — Les Calanques, Cassis, France


Susan — Auckland, New Zealand


Big show — Lakes Entrance


Son Levrek Bükücü — Çayeli


浩 梁 — 丽水羊上飞行基地起飞场


User 405955 — Playa delfin


mig-23s — 大亮飞机场


User 405965 — Fass boye


Kemal Soylu — Sigacik, Turkey (Sığacık)


Averjanas Asočakovas — Melnrage


Павел Нестеров — работа иркутск


ธนกฤต ดวงทองคำ — Bang Boet Beach


User 406245 — 1200 спот


Steven — Oriental


User 406193 — Russia - Нижнее Займище


User 406247 — Wake House Kemerovo


User 406431 — Mustag Mountain, Russia (Гора Мустаг)


User 406295 — Sidi Mejdoub, Algeria (سيدي المجدوب)


User 406077 — pulau 1000


Tatyana Kupriyanyuk — БЕЛОСНЕЖНАЯ ТУНДРА - Водохранилище


睿 郭 — 莺歌海跳伞基地


Saranya Thepharugsa — เขาตะเกียบบีช


fedor — Slavyanka, Russia (Славянка)


User 405481 — 驿马山起飞场

How to get to the "Photos we like the most"?

  • Read guide to being active member of the Community.
  • Choose not the random photo from your smartphone, but the great one. We like to see people in the photos, beautiful landscapes, the good composition, unusual angle, smiles and other emotions, jokes, and humor... Be creative! Inspire from the previous photos selections.
  • Be sure to write your name or nickname in the app's profile and mark the spot where the photo was taken. We don't publish photos without name AND the spot location. Community section of the app

Participate in a "Catch The Wind" Photo Contest!

There is a two-week photo contest “Catch The Wind” in the Community section of the application. The winners get a lifetime Pro for free! Take an active part in a community and a "Catch The Wind" contest — post your great photo!


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov, an outdoor journalist, editor and writer from the Dolomites, Italy, and Karelia, Finland, with 10 years of professional experience. His favorite sports are hiking, cycling and sauna. Read his other articles

Cover photo: user 405481 in 驿马山起飞场

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