Second city travel called main trend of 2020

Second city travel called main trend of 2020


Tourists are getting tired of overcrowded and over-popular travel destinations. Overcrowded cities, like Venice or Amsterdam, seem tired as well. They impose restrictions on number of tourists because too many travellers cause locals to move away, put strain on infrastructure, and influence cities’ culture and heritage (cities become less “authentic”, more adjusted to universal tastes of people from all over the world). has posted a report saying that 51% of tourists will choose smaller cities or towns or not popular destinations for their travel if their choice leads to less environmental impact.

Therefore, a new travel trend is rising. Tourism experts calls this the “second city travel” trend. They notice that more and more people are choosing Seville, Porto, Ghent for their trips, ignoring popular Barcelona, Lisbon or Bruges. They predict that the nearest future will boost tourism in other cultural centers that are not so popular now (like Antwerp or Salzburg).


Millenials will be the people moving the trend forward. Representatives of the generation want a more “authentic” travel experience, they also want travelling to be cheaper (and low-cost airlines are continually adding new routes to smaller destinations).


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