Uber launches ski-friendly service in US

Uber launches ski-friendly service in US


Uber will be ski-friendly. The company launches a new service on December 17 — Uber Ski. The service will guarantee that skiers and snowboarders have extra vehicle spaсe to transport their equipment.

Uber Ski will be available in 23 US cities near mountain resorts including Boston, Salt Lake City, Denver, Angorage, etc. There is no information about expanding to other markets yet.

It is important to mention that Uber Ski will not be free. Users will be charged extra if the option is on.

“No one customer is the same, which is why part of our platform strategy is unlocking capabilities for unique needs, at the right times,” Nundu Janakiram, head of Uber rider experience said to TechCrunch. “Uber Ski is the latest step toward that goal, and we’ll have more to share in the future as we continue to identify ways we can do more in the vein of Uber Ski, Uber Pet and more for riders that love Uber’s convenience.”

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Text: Windy.app team

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