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Closest meteostation (16km): Spain - Andalucía - Lalín (LERT)

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January — December

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Cadiz weather, sports and travel information

Weather forecast

10 day weather forecast for Cadiz, Spain, contains useful information about local wind speed, direction, and gusts, temperature, cloud coverage and precipitation based on the global GFS weathel model. All data updates four times a day with a forecast step of 3 hours. There is also a real-time wind forecast for Cadiz, Spain, from the nearest weather station to the spot, and a live Wind Map of the region and the world.

Get the weather forecast for other best kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing spots in Spain on this website and in the with more weather parameters.

Climate, weather, and seasons in Cadiz

The weather in Cadiz can be classified as warm Mediterranean subtropical. It is characterized by mild temperature conditions without major seasonality, dry summers, and rainy and changeable winters due to the polar front, with November being the month of highest rainfall, while July is the warmest and driest month. It has an average humidity of 72%, with little variation during the year.


Winter in Cadiz occurs in the period between the end of December and the end of March with minimum temperatures averaging 10 °C and maximums of 16 °C, and approximately 27 days of rain (170 mm) in the total season. March and December are the windiest months with wind speeds of more than 30 km/h.

  • In this period of the year, the westerly wind is the most common, hitting the Sierra causing heavy rains. The weather in Cadiz is one of the rainiest in Spain and the seawater reaches its lowest temperature in February, 10 °C.
  • Being low season there is no congestion of travelers, which makes it the most suitable time for those who prefer quiet places without crowds.
  • January and February are the months with the most consistent waves, the perfect season for professional surfers due to the high level of their waves.


Spring in Cadiz starts at the end of March and goes until the end of June, temperatures during this period range between 14 °C and 24 °C, and on average there are 24 days of rain (88 mm) in the total season.

  • It is a good time for surfers, especially in Palmar, where there are waves of great consistency and quality, you can get the most orderly swells.
  • Beginning of the season of easterly winds, the period in which these are strong so we recommend kites or sails of medium or small size to avoid breakage or complication in the control of the artifacts given its intensity. Learn more about how to choose the size of your kitesurf kite and if windsurfing is your thing, choose the right size of your sail.


The summer in Cadiz starts at the end of June and goes towards the end of September, the average temperature of the season is 26.5 °C as maximum temperature and 20.5 °C as a minimum. The month of August reaches a temperature of up to 28 °C, being the hottest of the summer.

  • In Cadiz, this is the time of the year with the clearest skies, during these months rainfall is quite scarce with a maximum of 11 days (17 mm) for the whole season.
  • Summer in Cadiz is long and hot due to the high humidity that increases the thermal sensation. The temperatures of both the environment and the water reach the maximum but there are restrictions due to the high influx of people on the beaches, so it is not an ideal time for kitesurfing or windsurfing.


Autumn in Cadiz goes from the end of September to the middle of December. Temperatures range between 21 °C and 17 °C during the season and there are approximately 25 days of rain (150 mm).

  • The clash between easterly and westerly winds makes this the best time of the year for surfers of average experience.
  • Given the low influx of bathers, it is an ideal season for kitesurfing and there are even fewer restrictions and therefore more options for beaches and some salty rivers.

Cadiz weather forecast for surfing in Spain on the for iOS. Photo: Mitchell-orr / Unsplash

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Cadiz depends on the sport, the level of expertise, and the athlete’s goal. Any time of the year is suitable as it has excellent weather conditions of wind and sun.

To determine the most appropriate season it is convenient to establish whether you are looking for an easterly or westerly wind. The easterly wind is between May and October and is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing experts who want to perform tricks and have powerful equipment. On the other hand, the Poniente, which would be the season between November and April, is ideal for clear and clean skies, bright sunshine, and fresh but less powerful wind.

For surfers, winter is undoubtedly the best season since it is when you get the best waves.

General and travel information

The coast of Cadiz is ideal for all types of water sports throughout the year, which is why this area enjoys great popularity among professionals and amateurs. It offers a wide variety of complementary services such as schools, equipment rentals, and accessory stores.

The beaches of Cadiz have gentle waves, sandy bottoms and usually do not present strong currents, making it an ideal place for beginners at any time of the year. It is possible to enjoy the Atlantic with the practice of surfing, kite surfing, sailing, scuba diving, diving among the most prominent. Los Caños de Meca is famous for its crystal clear waters and white beaches.

The rest of the province offers activities such as hiking in the different natural parks or combine with the risk and adventure of canyoning, mountaineering, or paragliding.

Official website: Turismo Cádiz.

Nearby spots

El Palmar de Vejer, Spain • 38km
2 m/s, North +24 °C, Clear sky
El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain • 9km
2 m/s, Northwest +24 °C, Clear sky
Los Canos de Meca, Spain • 43km
1 m/s, North +24 °C, Clear sky
Beach de la Barrosa, Spain (Playa de la Barrosa) • 18km
3 m/s, Northwest +23 °C, Clear sky
Conil de la Frontera, Spain • 29km
2 m/s, Northwest +23 °C, Clear sky
Valdelagrana, Spain • 7km
3 m/s, Northwest +24 °C, Clear sky

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Oh my god. What's the tiny waves!
31 January 2020
Wives are too small for good kiting. You'll like it only if you a a beginner in the kitesurfing.
31 January 2020
The beautiful water. You can find good waves in the wind.
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