Hiking and Biking Routes With Weather — a brand new feature for outdoor enthusiasts

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Introducing a brand new feature that allows you to create a hiking and biking itinerary and view the weather at any point along the way.

Using this new feature, you can better plan a route and avoid unpleasant weather conditions such as high UV Index, heavy rain or a strond wind along the way or, conversely, better prepare for them if you can not change or cancel the trip, such as in the case of long bicycle trips and backpacking hikes.

Biking and hiking Routes With Weather feature in the Windy.app for Android

The new function is based on the Routes for Sailing feature — a popular and longtime favorite of our users.

In Hiking and Biking Routes With Weather you can do the same thing — create a path from one point to another (the number of points is not limited), and then see the weather on them. The following weather parameters are available at the point for the exact time and date if the route exceeds one day:

In addition to the weather parameters, you can also see the distance between two points in km or miles — up to your choice.

You can also set an average speed of 5 to 80 km per hour (3.1 to 49.7 miles per hour). The app will understand this and update the forecast depending on the speed to give your an accurate weather forecast along the way and at the points of your departure and arrival. For hiking choose also the "Biking" layer and set the lowest speed — it corresponds to the average speed of a hiker on a flat surface.

Here's the question from the Windy.app Facebook page on the same thing: “Do you mean that if I plan a 500 nautical miles (1.8 km / 1.1 mi) route by example, in order to give me a time, it’ll take into account each weather forecast happening at each spot of my route at the moment I pass these spots?”. The answer: Yes!

In addition, as before you can select the map background — Map or Satelite to see the terrain — hills, and mountains, which is critical for cyclists.

Biking and hiking Routes With Weather feature in the Windy.app for Android

How to activate the function

1. Open the wind and weather map on the application's home screen.

2. Click on the icon with the route image.

3. Select the routeing layer: biking (land, including hiking) or sailing.

4. Create a route by adding new points on the map. You can also move the route line.

5. Remove a single point or the entire route to build a new one.

At the moment, the function is in beta-testing only for the Android starting from the 4.0.2 version of July 12, 2021 (requires Android 4.1 and up). We are collecting feedback such as this one from the post on Facebook and improving it based on your wishes. Try the new feature and email us at [email protected] with any feedback or new questions.

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