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The useful Meteostation feature from the app is now available in web version. Now you can also get accurate weather data on your computer, laptop, iPad.

What are the meteostations?

The meteorological stations (or weather stations) located around the world provide accurate weather data. In the app (and now in the web) we "collect" them around spots so that users can get info from the source closest to the spot. This is actual information about the weather, which is almost always more accurate than the weather forecast model. The app is connected to thousands of stations all around the world.

Why do you need meteostations?

1. Meteorological stations show the current weather: temperature and/or wind speed and direction, and other parameters.

2. You can see the weather history from the weather stations.

3. From the meteostations you can also see the rating of the weather forecast models. In we count the number of cases when the forecast from the weather model coincided with the data of the weather station. The rating allows you to see the weather even more accurate.

Where do we get the data on weather stations?

We receive data on weather stations from two sources: official and custom. The latter are added by the users of the application themselves.

How to find weather stations in the web and in the app, and get data about the weather?

In the Web

1. Go to Spots in the main menu of the site in the upper right corner.

2. Select a spot.

3. Under the name of the spot and weather information, find the data from the nearest meteostation. For example, the nearest weather station to the Alimini spot for yachting in Italy is 33 km away. Find out the wind direction and speed.

4. Turn and scroll the chart horizontally to see how the wind has changed and will continue to change over the past and future hours.

5. The time under the diagram is local. For this sport — Europe/Rome.

In the App

1. Find and open the spot by searching or on the map. You can only leave the weather stations on the map if you remove all other spots in the settings of the map.

2. Go through the Spot page down to Weather Stations.

3. Open the section to see the data.

How do I add my weather station?

If you want to see data from the weather station closest to your spot, but it is not yet in the app or on the web, write to us [email protected].

Name your station and the nearest sports to it. Thank you!

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