WindHub for Android is finally here


In July, we finally made the WindHub app available for Android. This means that yachting enthusiasts all over the world can now use the app regardless of the operating system of your smartphone or tablet.

Weather stations in the WindHub for Android

Weather Paramers in the WindHub for Android

WindHub is an app developed by the team specially for those who are in love with sailing. What sets it apart from the latter is a more selective set of features, a simpler design, and an overall simplified presentation of information, which helps you to save time on decision-making in the sea.

The Android version contains all the same features as the iOS and iPadOS versions, which have been around for more than two years. The main ones are:

Weather models in the WindHub for Android tablet

Weather parameters in the WindHub for Android tablet

Download the WindHub app for Android as well as for iPhone and iPad if you use that system too.

We are waiting for your feedback on [email protected].

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