Introducing's WRF weather model for Japan and South Korea


We are delighted to welcome new addition to the's weather models family — WRF for Japan and South Korea.

The's R&D (Research and Development) team has been working really hard since this summer, and we're now ready to present a tailored numerical model for Japan with 3984 outdoor spots and South Korea with 1578 spots in the database, and we hope we exceed your expectations with this new model.

It is specifically designed for Japanese and South Korean sailors and fishermen who are an important part of our global community. In addition to the accurate wind forecast, you will find

  • air temperature,
  • amount of precipitation, including Rain and Snow Chart,
  • cloud coverage of the sky,
  • weather conditions.

You can find the new model in both and WindHub apps for both mobile OS: Apple and Android:

WRF weather model for Japan and South Korea in the for iOS

WRF weather model for Japan and South Korea in the WindHub app

The main features of the WRF8 for Japan and South Korea WRF forecasts offer a high resolution (model grid) of 3 km and deliver great accuracy short term, providing hourly forecasts based on the GFS weather model initial conditions of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We update it every 24 hours and show you the weather information for the 36 hours ahead.

  • Resolution: 3 km
  • Depth: 1,5 days (36 hours)
  • Step: 1 h
  • Updates: once a day (every 24 h)

How to find and activate the model

1. Open the Wind Map from the Home screen of the app in iOS/iPadOS or Android. WRF weather model in the Tokyo Bay weather forecast

2. Search for the sailing spot. For exampe, Tokyo Bay. In the app there are thousands of marinas in the world. WRF for Japan and South Korea works for other outdoor activities, too.

3. Then, open the spot, choose the model from the slider under the wind rose, and get the forecast. WRF weather model in the Tokyo Bay weather forecast

Weather parameters of the WRF weather model

Weather conditions in the WRF weather model for Tokyo Bay in the Life Weather Profile


Read about all weather models in the and our general guide to the most popular weather models in the world.


Text: team, Ivan Kuznetsov contributed to this post

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