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New snow preservation method invented in Vermont

New snow preservation method invented in Vermont


Vermont, USA is a victim of climate change. Rising temperatures are leaving it without enough snow for skiing. However, University of Vermont is going to help skiers and snowboarders and is conducting an experiment on snow preservation. Large amounts of snow are being kept now and will be kept in the future at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center all through the summer. When the season starts that snow will be spread around to form slopes.

About 3-kilometers worth of snow has been already preserved this year. Scientists used the so-called “blankets” (wood chips topped by reflective fabric) to cover the snow and to keep it from melting. The snow was also packed the special way that kept it from cracking and sliding. That trick helped the inventors save more than 60 percent of the original snow supply — 6,000 cubic meters..

“We’ll be perfecting this and learning,” says Judy Geer, owner of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. She and her co-workers hope that the new technique will be enhanced and used widely to keep more snow from melting.

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Cover photo: Unsplash

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