All the Ways to Get Pro: 7 Days Trial, 1—3 Months Promocode, a Lifetime for Free

All the Ways to Get Pro: 7 Days Trial, 1—3 Months Promocode, a Lifetime for Free


There are 100+ useful and beautiful features, tools, and data in All the main features are available for free. Pro gives you access to additional features and more precise forecast models. Find out how to get Pro for different periods of time, free or paid.


7 days

Get a 7-days free trial period if you have never subscribed to a Pro. Read the detailed instructions about the subscription on the "Full Access" page the app.

1 month

Invite three friends to the app to get Pro for one month. To do so click on “Get Free Pro” in the app menu to receive simple instructions.

Leave a review on in your social networks, blog, or website. Simply write in a blog post on how the app helps you to do your outdoor activity. Don't forget to use #windyapp, so we could see your review and make you a Pro.

Use promocode you can find it in one of the official media channels of (newsletter, social media, blog, or news on the website). After you get promo code, activate it.

3 months

Participate in Care program — get free Pro for an extended period of time for 3 months, if you a student studying meteorology or tourism, a beginner athlete or a coach, a truck driver, or any other person who does socially important work. Learn more about the rules.

Another limited period

Simply ask about Pro, if you are a journalist writing about the outdoors and want to try the app, or any other person may need the Pro. To do so write to [email protected].

Get the Pro for the time of activity of a tropical cyclone — hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and typhoons in the Pacific Ocean —  if you are a new user living in the area of its activity. The Pro will help you to correctly evaluate weather conditions around. Read more.


Participate in a Weekly Photo Contest-2020. Simply post a great photo of you doing your favorite sport in a Community section inside the app, get maximum likes during a week and you will become a pro user automatically. Watch other winners' photos to see what to post to have more likes, get inspiration from the 30 photos we like the most in communty in each month.


Subscribe for Pro for a period you want: a month or a year. (Don't forget, that you can get a 7-day free trial period if you have never subscribed before.) To do this, select the “Full Access” button in the app menu or click on any feature with the inscription “Pro”. Read the detailed instructions about the subscription on the same Pro page in the app.

Buy Pro for a lifetime. You will need to pay just once.

Get a special offer up to 50%, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to learn about our special offers and discounts for Pro.


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