Both weather apps from the team are now multi-platform


With the addition of the Android version for the WindHub app, you can now use both weather applications from the team for both mobile operating systems: Apple OS (iOS and iPadOS) and Android. That means, you don’t have to think about the platform of the particular application when you first discover and WindHub in the App Store and Google Play. weather forecast app for outdoors is a versatile weather app with a set of more than 100 useful and beautiful weather features for almost all wind and water sports and outdoor activities. Just open the app and you’re likely to find your favorite sports, including hiking and biking. The app has more than 10 weather models and maximum tool selection, as well as extensive customization options like Personal Weather Profiles and Wind Alerts, or Font Size.

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WindHub weather forecast app or sailing

WindHub is a special app developed primarily for all kinds of sailing but also for other sports — for example, surfers will find a Swell Map very useful. The app contains only the features you need, with a simpler design and an overall simple presentation of information that will save you time at sea or on land in preparation for your future sailing adventure. In particular, the app contains a database of 17,000 marinas with contacts.

Download WindHub for iOS and iPadOS

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Note: the exact list of functions in the iPhone and Android versions of all three apps may differ — they are not 100% the same. Tell us which features you like the most or would like to see in which version writing at one of the following e-mails: [email protected] and [email protected].


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