Support and WindHub in winning WMO International Weather Apps Awards 2020

Share: is now participating in WMO International Weather Apps Awards (WIWAA). Wish good luck to the team and support it in winning the award in two nominations, so we could get more international recognition and become even better together! There are 7 particular ways of support at the end of this page.

What is the WMO International Weather Apps Awards?

It is a competition for the best weather or climate application, which is organized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The WMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology, and geophysics. In other words, they are cool guys who make meteorology an international science.

The competition is new and is held in 2020 for the first time in honor of the 70 years of the organization founded in 1950.

This is what the organizers themselves tell about the idea of the competition (and they say it is very interesting, so do not miss the next few paragraphs of the text):

"In 1991 the Australian rock group Crowded House wrote the song “Weather With You” with its popular refrain “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you". Whatever meaning the band put in this line of lyrics 30 years ago, it represents nicely today’s situation when so many people have the weather (apps) on their smartphones.

This has definitely changed the way people access and use weather information in their daily activities.

Weather apps do more than just tell users what is set to happen — they can be vital decision-making tools in critical situations. This means that app development is a crucial link in the weather and climate service delivery chain.

WMO wants to provide recognition and stimulate the development, of ever-improving mobile-based applications for weather and climate information with the WIWAA.

The awards will underscore the importance of sharing know-how and innovation in providing services to society, through identifying and recognizing high standards and good practices for weather apps".

If the awards is successful, the organizers promise to repeat it every year from now on.

In which nominations does and WindHub participate?

There are two nominations (categories) for the both apps:

  • Innovation and Promotion of the Use of Weather and Climate Information for Development —
  • Specialized Apps — WindHub

Who will judge the competition?

15 meteorologists and weather specialists from all over the world: Canada, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Rwanda, Argentina, New Zealand, Denmark, Republic of Korea, USA, Hong Kong.

By the way, if you see your home country among these countries, this is another reason to support and Windhub in the competition.

By what criteria will the winners be selected?

The main criteria of the evaluation will be focused on:

  • Meteorological content — the quantity and quality of weather and/or climate information with respect to the intended targeted audience of the app.
  • Credibility and attribution of data sources, e.g., the numerical weather predictions used for the forecast products.
  • Graphic design and overall presentation.
  • User-friendliness, usefulness.
  • Accessibility (e.g., language versions, localization options).

In addition, the evaluation will consider:

  • Originality and creativity.
  • Use of innovative technologies.
  • Creative ideas in serving special user categories.
  • Provision of additional information and educational elements.
  • Multi-language capability.
  • Stimulating user/community involvement.
  • Use of local sources (particularly in Least Developed Countries or Small Island Developing States) and local application.

By the way, how do you evaluate both apps by these parameters?

Why do and WindHub need to win the contest?

Winning the WMO competition is a powerful achievement that we can be proud of together!

The win will draw attention to both the apps and the users community. Without you it's just a set of features. You are the ones who makes and Windhub real.

We will understand even better what features you need and will be able to work more actively on their implementation. And of course, improve the existing ones.

The win means more experts and real experience in the community in a variety of sports from yachting to cycling. You will have more opportunities to ask for advice in a chat on sports.

And so on.

How to support and WindHub in winning the WMO Apps Awards?

1. If you don't have the apps yet, download it from the App Store or Google Play.

1. Use the apps more often, because even without competition they are very useful weather and outdoor apps for every day.

2. If you have a free version, try the Pro for free for the next 30 days using the WINDYAPPOUTDOOR promo code before October 15th, 2020, on this activation page, or subscribe for the Pro.

3. Subscribe to the newsletter with new lessons from the " Meteorological Textbook for Windsports and Outdoors".

4. Explore the app — bookmark and read Full Guide with many useful pages as Compass, Glossary, Weather Models, and FAQ.

5. Share this news on social networks — tell your friends and followers about and Windhub.

6. Tell your personal story of using the app or doing some outdoor activity — become an author of blog.

7. Give any feedback about any experience of using the apps.

Wish good luck to the team. We will win with your help! The results of the contest will be known in October. We will tell about it.


About is a leading professional weather app for windsports and outdoors. It helps to be an expert in weather forecasts to have better outdoor experience. There are 11 m users worldwide in the app, large kite- and windserfing community in Europe, as well as many fishermen and yachtsmen. Learn more about in numbers.

WindHub is a leading professional weather app from team created especially for sailors. It is a smart way to find the most reliable forecast for any challenge across the big water. The app features the most trustful European ECMWF wind map, gusts, isobars, weather fronts and waves information at any point you tap.

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