Live weather stations on the Weather Map


Big update of weather stations. Now there is no more need to open weather stations' screens to check the current real-time wind speed and direction thanks to the brand new Live Weather Stations feature.

I'm new to the What is a weather station?

The weather stations or meteorological stations are facilities for weather observation and collecting different weather data together with satellites, weather buoys, meteorological probes, and radars. But the weather stations are the most — more than 40.000 official all over the world — so it is the main facility among others. In we have almost all of these stations.

They register data at a specific point on the map and send it to the big data processing centers. At the station, where the observations are made by a person, the information is recorded at least once a day, at automatic stations — once per hour. In other words, weather stations are the closest source of information about the weather in real-time to you. When forecasting the weather, they should be used together with different weather models.

Where to find and how to active Live Weather Stations Feature?

1. Open the Wind and Precipitation Map from the Home screen or the spot screen.


2. Simply tap on the new special icon on the Wind and Precipitation map to activate the Live Weather Stations features. Now you see little signs of the different colors with the different numbers and arrows.


  • The color is the wind speed of the same colors as the map itself and the color scale on the top of the screen. Blue — less wind, magenta — more wind.
  • The number is the same real-time wind speed from the particular weather station in the measurement unit you have to choosen in the app's Settings.
  • The arrow is the wind direction. To read it correctly, always look at the beginning of the arrow (two ends, not one) to see FROM where the wind is blowing.

3. If you still need more information from the weather station, tap on its icon and open the station screen with the wind forecast for today.



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