Check the's must-read blog posts of 2022. Learning the app

Check the's must-read blog posts of 2022. Learning the app


In 2022, we've published more than a hundred different posts in the blog: articles answering the most important questions about meteorology and outdoor activities, instructions on how to read a particular forecast or map, selections of the best outdoors spots, and specific tips on how to get the most out of the app itself. In this posts, we've selected the must-read 12 articles on learning the app itself that definitely shouldn't have been missed — just in case you have done so. Check also the similar posts on weather forecasting and outdoors.

1. Weather Hacks video 4: How to use weather stations

The YouTube channel of, Weather Hacks (the name speaks for itself), has released its fourth video dedicated to such an important and must-know thing in weather forecasting as weather stations. In this video from the channel's host and our lead users support specialist, Katerina, you will learn what weather stations are, why they are a good source of information (and why they are not perfect), and how to use such stations in the app. By the way, the app has almost their complete worldwide base of more than 30,000 stations of about 40,000 officials.

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2. Download the Skiing Checklist. Everything you need to practice this winter sport

Skiing is great, but not the easiest sport to practice. It requires not only the right weather forecast and skills but also special equipment, consisting of a lot of important things that are easier to forget than to remember, right? To prevent this from happening to you, check out the Skiing Checklist. The list is versatile and will work for freeriding, backcountry, ski-touring, and others types of skiing.

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3. What is's WRF8 weather model and how it works

The WRF8 weather model is a special regional model for Europe and East Asia developed by the team. In this post, you will learn more about this model, its working principles and the main features, as well as where to find the weather forecast by this model in the app.

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4. How Big Data analytics helps in weather forecasting. An example of

Surely you've heard of such a concept as Big Data. In short, it's just a lot of data about anything that can only be stored and analyzed by supercomputers. That is to say, it is very complicated. In this article, two experts talk about the relations between Big Data and weather. In other words, you will find out what is behind a simple-looking forecast table or weather map you use in your weather app. But we'll start at the very beginning — with the collection of Big Data using weather stations and other weather instruments.

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5. Read mini user guides to various sports you can do with

In the you will find 10 weather profiles with a ready-made set of more than a dozen weather elements, tables, indices and charts for the most popular sports and outdoor activities: kite- and windsurfing, sailing, paragliding, fishing, hiking and others. To help you get the most out of the app, we've written a series of mini-guides on many of them that won't take you long to read. Bookmark the post — it will be updated with new profiles.

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6. Tip #17. Compare weather forecasts in one click

Among 100+ features, there are always one or two, or even three that you didn't know about, right? Even if you're a true weather and outdoor expert using the app. Meanwhile, these may be important features. For example, you can compare weather forecasts from different sources (weather models) in one click with the special Compare Mode feature.

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7. The basics of outdoor activities: spots

If you are involved in some outdoor activities, you already know about such a concept as a spot. It is very common, right? In brief and in the broadest sense, it is a place to practice a particular sport. Still it may not be familiar to all outdoor enthusiasts. For newcomers to a world-large outdoors community or its individual sports, it may even be confusing, as it was with me for the first time. To avoid this happening to you, in this short article, the first in a big new series called "Outdoor activities basics", we will explain what an outdoor spot.

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8. How to read a wind map like an expert

A wind map is one of the types of weather map, which in turn is one of the two most popular forms of weather forecasts, along with its presentation as a standard table. In this article, you will learn more about what a wind map is and how to read it like an expert.

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9. Check the’s top countries by the number of spots

The database contains tens of thousands of outdoor spots in 243 countries, where you can practice surfing, yachting, fishing, paragliding, and other sports. To help you navigate through all this incredible diversity, in this post we have compiled the list of’s top 15 countries by a number of spots — think outdoor centers of the world as chosen by our users.

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10. Download the Meteorological Textbook in 100+ pictures

What affects the weather on your favorite spot? Why does the ocean act like this and not otherwise? Where does the Northern Lights come from? In the Meteorological Textbook (WMT) and newsletter for better weather forecasting we are explaining in simple words the processes in the atmosphere, the ocean, and the earth.

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11. Photos we liked the most in the Community in November 2022

There are a lot of great photos in the Community section of the application. Every month we choose the photographs we liked the most to inspire you to be just as creative. Enjoy the selection of November 2022 and read about how to get to this monthly post with your photos and get free lifetime Pro version at the end of the page!

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12. Here's how we made better in 2022. Top twelve updates and improvements

All year long the team has been working hard to make the app even better for you: more useful, accurate, reliable, faster, and beautiful. In case you missed some of the updates and haven't tested them yet, here’s a list of the top 12 updates and improvements of the year in chronological order. Go to the News section to learn more about each of the features. There you will also find all the major updates of 2022.

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Check the must-read's blog posts of 2022 on weather forecasting and outdoors.



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