Check the's must-read blog posts of 2022. Outdoor activities

Check the's must-read blog posts of 2022. Outdoor activities


In 2022, we've published more than a hundred different posts in the blog: articles answering the most important questions about meteorology and outdoor activities, instructions on how to read a particular forecast or map, selections of the best outdoors spots, and specific tips on how to get the most out of the app itself. In this posts, we've selected the must-read 12 articles on outdoors that definitely shouldn't have been missed — just in case you have done so. Check also the similar posts on weather forecasting and learning the

1. Five questions about the 2022 Winter Olympics (and skiing) in Beijing, China

If you're into sports and outdoor activities, and especially during the winter, you probably already know that the new Winter Olympics will be held in the Chinese capital of Beijing from February 4 to 20, 2022. In this post, we'll answer five questions about it for those who haven't had a chance to figure out all the nuances of the competition yet. One way or another, you'll also find out where to ski around Beijing after the Olympics when the Olympic venues become available to the general public.

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2. What is surfing localism and how to deal with it. An excerpt from a book of a top world's surfer

Localism in surfing or surf localism is a phenomenon that usually refers to the bad attitude of local surfers towards visiting foreign or tourist surfers from other places. In other words, the struggle for the spots and waves between them. Seva Shulgin, one of the world's top surfers, has experienced localism more than once, not by word of mouth, but as a daily surfing reality.

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3. Who is a fishing guide and how to find one for your next trip

If you are an avid or even a professional fisherman, you know all the best places, seasons, and gear to fish in your hometown or region. But what about other areas? In this case, probably, you’ll need a local fishing guide who knows his or her territory as well as you know yours at home to have a successful fishing trip with a big catch and a great outdoor experience. In this article, we will tell you who is a fishing guide and how to find one.

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4. A sailor? Explore the list of places with the highest tides in the world

If you are a yachtsman, and especially one who travels long distances, it is important to know the places with the highest tides in the world. The reasons for this are clear. To help you navigate the sea, we took a list of 50 such locations compiled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It's not very hard to read, but it takes some time to understand the patterns, which can be critically lacking during a challenging yacht crossing. In this article, we share these high tide places and some of the conclusions we have drawn from our study of NOAA's data.

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5. Here are the top four Finnish national parks out of forty

Thanks to the truly wild nature and the developed tourist infrastructure, Finland is one of the best countries in Europe for hiking. But not only that. If you are not already a fan of Finland and have never been there, it can be difficult to navigate through such a variety of parks. But I am a fan and have been there more than 10 times. So I’ve chosen four of the 40 parks — the main one in each of four of the country’s large natural and tourist regions — and I’ll tell about their main features and hiking trails in this article.

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6. The list of outdoor activities you can do in Montenegro. Prices, alternatives, tips

Montenegro is associated with seaside holidays, but it has more opportunities for various sports and outdoor activities. In the winter of 2019–2020, I tried some of the sports and outdoor activities in Montenegro. Next, I will share my experience and tell you about everything in order with prices, alternatives to certain sports and issues related to the practice of them, as well as some personal tips.

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7. How to read the latitude and longitude of your outdoor spot (and any other location)

Latitude and longitude are two of the most essential things you need to know to determine your exact location in this chaotic world or to find any point on the map, whether it is a spot for outdoor activities or a natural/cultural landmark, as well as for navigation purposes. In this article, we will understand how to read the latitude and longitude, so you can say "I'm right here" or "I need to be in this place".

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8. The list of the most significant sailing events of this and the following years

In sailing, it’s easier to choose a day without an event than to make a complete list of them. But we tried. In this post, check the best sailing events of all kinds, from an old annual week-long competitions to around-the-world solo races and regattas, world championships, and the sailing Olympics program. All in all, we have collected 12 of the most important such events. Follow the links under the descriptions to read more about this or that event and how to participate in it, if you are a sailor or want to become one.

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9. 35th anniversary of a Blue Flag outdoor award. Here's what it's about

The year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of a Blue Flag beach award, which has been given to the best beaches around the world since 1987. But also marinas and tourist boats. In this article, we'll break down what the Blue Flag beach award is, how exactly it's awarded, the actual number of places with the Blue Flag in different countries, and where to find the best beaches, marinas, and boat operators in the world that have already received the award as of 2022.

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10. The list of the best outdoor podcasts on various sports

What happens when you combine one of the most popular modern activities with one of the most popular media formats? We get outdoor podcasts. To inspire you for your next journey or get some advice (yes, it is also of practical use), we've collected the best outdoor podcasts on various sports taking those for which the was created in the first place. Given the sheer number of them, we've tried to focus on just three of the biggest projects by the number of episodes, description, design and some other reasons. So it's kind of like the top 3 podcasts for each popular sport.

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11. The guide to via ferrata: what is it, how to climb, where to find

Via ferrata is one of the latest trends in outdoor activities. Even if you don’t follow it yet, you’ve probably heard the term at least once. Very briefly, it’s something in between the usual hiking and trekking available to anyone, and rock climbing and mountaineering, which requires special equipment, as well as knowledge, and experience, but even before that, courage. However, for the via ferrata, you need it, too. But, again, it’s a little simpler and... a little more complicated at the same time, depending on your point of view as a hiker or a climber. In this guide, we’ll figure out what is via ferrata, how to climb it, and where to find the best routes in the world.

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12. The bicycle riding temperature: hot, cold and ideal, and how to dress for it

Cycling, including ebiking and its all other kinds, is one of the most “weather-dependent” sports. Last time we already discussed good and bad weather for cycling in general, using the Vuelta a España 2021 as an example. This time, we will focus on its main weather element for cycling. From the article, you will learn what the bicycle riding temperature is, and its extremes in both directions, as well as how to wear for each of the three cases

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Check the must-read's blog posts of 2022 on weather forecasting and learning the app.



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