The collection of articles for the fall and winter outdoor season

The collection of articles for the fall and winter outdoor season


It is the first day of September — the beginning of fall on the calendar, followed sooner or later by winter. After six spring and summer months of light, dry and warm (no, even very hot) weather, the same period of darker, more wet and colder weather awaits us.

For some outdoor enthusiasts, this means checking the forecast more often to avoid uncomfortable conditions. Although for some, winter means stronger winds for sailing, larger swell for surfing, and a lot of snow for skiing and snowboarding.

Either way, it doesn't matter if you're a hater of fall and winter or a fan. To help you get ready for the new colder outdoor season and make it a success, in this post we have collected a dozen thematic articles about meteorology and some fall-winter sports, as well as some helpful guides on how to use it all in the


What is feels like temperature and why it is different

What is freezing level chart in your forecast

There is a Cold Hawaii spot in Denmark. Yes, it is about surfing

How winter frost is connected to the warm Arctic


What does a chance of rain, say 30%, actually mean

How to enjoy hiking in the rain


How to read snow forecast and reports as a pro

How to avoid a snowfall when winter hiking

Learn to read an avalanche forecast

Check the list of the European snow camps

Mini user guide to snow sports with

Download the Skiing Checklist


The collection of articles about wind


What is cloud cover and how else do we measure clouds


What is safe ice thickness for walking and other activities

Air quality

How to read the Air Quality Index map


How to determine your position by stars


Three situations when you may need the offline weather

What is extreme weather and how it relates to climate change

What to read about winter weather phenomena

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Learn more about the nature of fall and winter weather events in the Meteorological Textbook (WMT and newsletter for better weather forecasting.

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Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Tommy Lisbin / Unsplash

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