The collection of articles about the world's best outdoor spots

The collection of articles about the world's best outdoor spots


As applied to outdoor activities, spots are special places for practicing various sports. They can range in size from literally a particular point on a map from which you push off with your feet in paragliding to the world's biggest ski areas like Les 3 Vallées in France or Dolomiti Superski in Italy, or some national parks where you can go hiking. But it's usually a relatively small place, like a beach for all kinds of surfing, a marina for yachting, a cave or series of reefs for diving, and many others.

In this new collection of articles, we present all the selections of the best spots for various sports in different places and seasons, so you can answer the three main questions: what to do, where to do it, and when. They have been specially selected by editors, professional athletes, and other experts, and, last but not least, by the users of the application themselves.

We've also supplemented it with some navigation theory and content on how to search, select and do other useful things with the spots in the

1. Learn a few must-know things about geography and navigation before searching the spots

The basics of outdoor activities: spot

How to read the latitude and longitude of your spot

Explore the different types of contour lines

Celestial navigation: how to determine your position by stars

How to read wind direction

How does the Earth's magnetic field work

2. Find and choose the best spots for practicing various sports in different seasons

Best kitesurfing spots

The list of great kitesurfing spots in Spain with weather features

The list of the top kitesurfing spots in Europe by month

Where to learn kitesurfing in Europe. Best schools and camps

The top ten spots for kitesurfing worldwide

The ultimate list of kitesurfing spots all over the world

Meet the kitesurfers who cross the world’s oceans

The list of kitesurfing spots where you can kite all year round

Best windsurfing spots

The list of great windsurfing spots in Spain with weather features

Best surfing spots

The list of great surfing spots in Spain with weather features

There is a Cold Hawaii surf spot in Denmark

Where and when to go surfing in the US

Where and when to go surfing in Asia

What to know about the surfing Olympics debut in Japan, 2021

Where and when to go surfing in Europe

The list of great surfing spots all over the world

Surf calendar. The ultimate list of surfing spots month by month

What is surfing localism and how to deal with it

Best sailing spots and routes

Where to study sailing. The guide to yachting schools and licenses

Where to go sailing in autumn in Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian Seas

Sailing routes in the Mediterranean for Inexperienced Skippers

A sailor? Explore the list of places with the highest tides in the world

The list of the most significant sailing events during a year

Best diving spots

The list of great snorkeling spots all over the world

The list of great diving spots all over the world

The list of great all-inclusive dive resorts all over the world

Best skiing and snowboarding spots

Check the weather history for the best ski resorts in Europe

Check the European snow camps for pros and beginners

Five questions about the 2022 Winter Olympics (and skiing) in Beijing, China

Best hiking and climbing spots and routes

Here are the top four Finnish national parks out of forty

The guide to Teide National Park, Spain

Get the weather for all US national parks

The guide to via ferrata: what is it, how to climb, where to find

Best cycling spots and routes

Take part in the Maratona dles Dolomites cycling event

The best and worst weather for cycling. Examples from 2021 Vuelta a España

Best general aviation spots

Where to buy an electric plane. Meet the main companies and start-ups

The five main layers of atmosphere. Explained

What is the Karman line and how it defines the edge of space

Best outdoor spots by country / region

Get the list of the Blue Flag spots and tour operators outside Europe

The list of outdoor activities you can do in Montenegro

Windsurf, sail, and do even more. The outdoor guide to Lake Como in Italy

Outdoor activities in the UK: what, where, and when

3. Take the most out of the outdoor spots in the with this useful content


Types of spots in the


How to choose the best weather model for a spot


Spots search

Spot info

Spots chats


Create a personal spot: private or public

Pick the right spot type for your outdoor activity

Find an outdoor spot by its coordinates

Choose the right weather model for a spot

Add an outdoor spot to your Favorites

Set up a weather widget for a spot

Write spot review to get free Pro version

User guides

User guide to Weather Map

User guide to weather stations

Important not-to-miss news and updates

We've added Services on the spots to the site

Check the’s top countries by the number of spots

Big update of Spot Info section with info on hundreds of spots

Get the best weather model for the spot. Automatically

Introducing Spot Finder on the site

New information about 10,000 marinas and ports

Finding a spot for your sport is even easier and faster from now on

Compare favorite spots on the Home screen


Text: Ivan Kuznetsov

Cover photo: Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

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